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(From Alik Gomelsky's book "History. Unlearned Lessons")

I was born and raised in the city of Kharkiv. When I was a pioneer in school, I laid flowers with everyone in the Forest Park (Lisopark) to the monument to the killed. We were told that Soviet patriots shot by the Nazis were buried there. And only recently did I learn that in 1940, "valiant" NKVD perpetrators shot and buried the bodies of executed Poles (that is, in fact, a Ukrainian Katyn). Among the thousands (3820 people) of the victims of this crime were: former chief of staff of the 12th Hussar Okhtyrka regiment named after Denis Davydov, a participant in World War I, Brigadier General of the Polish Army Konstantin Plisowski, Captain Jakub Wajda, father of the great Polish film director Andrzej Wajda and Polish Jew, Lieutenant Colonel Maximilian Landau (he commanded the artillery in the defense of Lviv from the "valiant" attacks of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht) ....

Jewish blood shed by NKVD agents has specific figures: 231 Jews were killed in Katyn, 188 in Kharkiv and 19 shot in Medny. Among them were both officers in active service and discharged to the reserve - doctors, pharmacists, lawyers and engineers.

I am attaching some photos and copies of documents on the discovery of mass burials and measures to mislead the population of Kharkiv.

Konstantin Plisowski.

Maximilian Landau.

Andrzej Wajda on the background of a photo of his family.

Archive folder with documents.

Burial schemes.

Memorial plaque (in Ukrainian and Polish) on the building of the former NKVD regional administration in Kharkiv. With the kind permission of the author of the photo Volodymyr Rysenko.

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